Orderpicking rack

Logistics savings

Create a short routing and get short pick times with Flowrack live storage racks. This give much less walking distance and leads to huge savings on the total picking time. Do more with less staff. Save on logistics costs and increase your logistical capacity.

Save on returns

Return flows are often difficult to manage. With a flow rack you can implement a First-in First-out policy in your returns department. As the racks are divided in physical product lanes, the returns can easily and reliably distributed to product family, supplier, branch, and etcetera. And in this way a flow rack also makes an efficient buffer for your returns.

Update your warehouse

The live storage rack turns your traditional warehouse into an efficient and modern orderpick process. You instantly save hugely on logistics costs. This makes for a short return on investment. Due to the very long life span of Original Flowrack racks, your investment will keep making money for decades. As the racks are adjustable and versatile they will always be up-to-date.

Improve your process

Even in already modernized logistics processes, the live storage rack can be an efficient addition. For instance as a buffer toe the packing line. Or for that specific part of the product range that benefits from manual First-in First-out orderpicking. Original Flowrack live storage racks are always made to fit your needs perfectly.


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