Process improvement

The live storage rack is in fact a combination of a storage device and an orderpicking method. Improve your orderpicking process by implementing Original Flowrack racks. Accelerate your process by reducing walking distances and improve your process through less picking errors.

Reduce costs

Implementation of Original Flowrack racks will lead to quick and lasting savings on your logistics costs. And with a short return on investment period, it is a very smart investment.

Improve performance

With a shorter orderpicking time, more orders can be processed each hour. Achieve more with less staff. A better ergonomically working environment will lead to improved motivation and less absence.

Reduce returns

A transparent storage of each article reduces the number of returns: Articles are always located on the same spot, directly within hands reach. Therefore less pick errors will be made.

First-in First-out

Live storage racks guarantee a First-in First-out flow. The product that is taken into storage first, will also be taken out first. This prevents additional stock costs and complaints due to product aging.