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This is where you find all Original Flowrack live storage racks: The orderpicking flow rack, the kanban flow rack and live storage flow racks for mounting into pallet racks.

First-in First-out

Flow rack carton live storage racks guarantee the First-in First-out principle and are suited for many sorts of boxes and bins. Optimize your logistical operation with live storage racks.

Buying is easy

Buy directly from the manufacturer of buy from your preferred supplier. The flow rack live storage rack can be implemented quickly use and will be tailored to exactly fit your logistical situation.


Quick and flawless orderpicking will lower your logistics costs. Save on orderpicking and expand your orderpicking capacity with live storage racks for orderpicking. Visit and buy your flow rack straight from the manufacturer.


Use a kanban live storage rack for just-in-time (JIT) materials supply for production or assembly. Improve your logistical operation with kanban flow racks. Visit and buy your flow rack straight from the manufacturer.

Pallet rack

Implement an orderpick operation into your pallet storage warehouse. Retrofit live storage racks in existing pallet racks or in new pallet racks and create an efficient and flexible orderpick operation. Visit for more information.